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Desk Space Rental ("Hot Desks")
For ten years Normanby Gateway has provided efficient and friendly serviced offices and meeting rooms from our modern site just north of Scunthorpe. But we recognise that people may require something a little bit different. For example you may be working on a project, setting up a new business or just need a base whilst mostly working away from your office. Of course it is possible to work from home and many people do; but the distractions of working in that environment can easily reduce your effectiveness and it is for this reason that we are now offering desk space rental in our business centre. It is available by the day or by the month.

Please speak to a member of our reception team at Normanby Gateway on 01724 275000 to view or find out more.

Hot desk Hot desk
Hot desk
Price £10 per day £15 per day £150 per month
Timing vacate by 5pm vacate by 5pm no limit
Allocated desk in shared room x x x
Fast broadband access x x x
Heat, light and electricity x x x
Car parking x x x
Reception desk x x x
Outgoing mail x x x
Toilets x x x
Shared kitchen x x x
Cafe area x x x
Business telephone (note 1) - x x
Lockable storage - x x
Meeting room use (note 2) - - x
Extended hours - - x
Incoming mail - - Discuss
Reception signage - - Extra
Fax Extra Extra Extra
Photocopier Extra Extra Extra

(1) The business telephone use includes all incoming calls and outgoing calls to land lines in the UK. We reserve the right to charge for calls to mobile phones, overseas and premium numbers.

(2) Meeting rooms may be used for up to four hours per month without additional payment.

Renting a desk
Using a rented desk at Normanby Gateway is very simple. All you have to do is register and then book. You only have to register once. Then you can book at any time, including after the day has started.

Registration involves:

  • Providing personal and, where relevant, company details - so that we know who you are and where to send invoices.
  • Simple proof of identity - so that we are sure who we are dealing with.
  • Agreeing to our terms and conditions - so that you and other users of the building can operate successfully within a safe environment.
  • Paying a deposit of £25 (refundable on deregistration) so we have some protection in case of misuse.
Booking involves:
  • Telephoning the Normanby Gateway reception desk (01724 275000) to agree what you want and when.
  • Checking that we have got your booking correct when we send you a confirmation by email.
  • Paying for what you have booked.

Terms and conditions
Full terms and conditions are available at the time of registration - or beforehand by request. Generally what we require are matters of common sense and they relate to reasonable use of our facilities so that other users are not inconvenienced. So, for example, you should not park in a parking bay that is reserved for a long term tenant; make excessive noise; use the internet for spamming or illegal purposes; or eat smelly food in the café area. You should also leave your work area clean and tidy on departure; leave on time and, before you go, return any keys that you have borrowed.

Other facilities
It is possible to hire meeting rooms. A fax machine and photocopier are also available. For all of these services there are modest additional charges and details can be provided by the reception desk.

Longer term use
Anyone wishing to hire desk space for a month or more can chose to work whatever hours they wish and not just when the reception desk is manned. In these circumstances they will need to obtain keys and have a security briefing so that they can open and close the building properly out of hours. Anyone hiring for three months or more can chose to have mail delivered to Normanby Gateway and, at an extra charge, signage placed in the reception area.

Any questions
Please speak to a member of the reception team.