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About the managers

Zernike Group was formed in order to run the Zernike Science Park attached to the University of Groningen in the north of The Netherlands. The management proved successful and activities extended both to managing other science parks and to investing in young technology companies in Holland, elsewhere in continental Europe and Australia. Zernike (UK) Limited was formed in late 2000 to develop operations in the UK.

Our philosophy
Whilst the smooth and efficient running of any multi-occupancy, serviced facility is important it is our belief that a unique part of the value added in any Zernike managed complex is the access to our network of specialist and international connections. At Normanby Gateway we want tenants to feel that they can share business issues with us and, whilst we may not have an immediate answer, there is a good chance that we can point them in the right direction or make in introduction in the UK or elsewhere than will be of practical assistance.

Our activities
As well as managing technology-oriented building complexes and science parks, Zernike also invests in start up ventures both directly and through funds which it manages. In addition we have considerable expertise in stimulating economic development and so have an active consultancy in this sphere.

More information
For more information about Zernike click here.

Contact Zernike (UK) Limited

Registered office
Normanby Gateway
Lysaghts Way
North Lincolnshire
DN15 9SY
Tel: 01724 275101


Bob Hodgson
Lex de Lange
David Squire

Legal details
Zernike (UK) Limited is registered in England and Wales company number 4077472.